Tom Oritt started playing guitar at 14, inspired by all the great rock guitarists of the 70’s. He played in his first band (with Andres) at 17, and has played in many original bands over the years. While a student at Columbia College, Tom conceived of, raised funds for, played on and produced an album of campus bands. In the 90’s, Tom played guitar for 2 years in Second Vision, Philly’s premier wedding and event band.

Tom has put together Blackjack Rose to satisfy a desire to create something truly new: a band that touches upon many genres but still maintains its own identity.

Tom is also in Shadow Station, a NJ/Philly rock band.

Perhaps you’ve heard Tom’s catchy jingle on those uplifting Fukitol commercials. You know the one: ” … If your head falls off, stop taking Fukitol and seek immediate funeral assistance …” Perhaps not.

When time permits, Tom continues to work on a pet side project: Keyboard Cat: The Post-Industrial Years (arranged for 4 zithers).

Tom has also served as Guitarist-in-Residence in his own house for, well, quite some time.

Otherwise, it goes without saying.